Paolo Grassi

Purchase of the Municipality


From “0” to infinity

161th Element


Created 2012


Material oxidized iron

Size 67 x 12 x 226 cm



Ronde Via Locarno - Via Mezzana

Losone - Switzerland


Target client / artist:

The Modulor is Paolo Grassi's tribute to the great architect. Le Corbusier, pseudonym of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, Swiss architect, urban planner, painter and designer naturalized French. 

A first edition was made in bronze in scale 1:5, all sold out.

Paolo Grassi - conceptual artist - has realized an edition in scale 1:1 (height 226 cm), in oxidized iron that is permanently placed in a traffic circle in Losone (Switzerland) and a version in multilayer plexiglass. 

These are the numbers that were required to accomplish this work from 4'802 to 4'811


Please note:

all commissioned works are part of the From "0" to infinity project.

The artist Paolo Grassi does not grant any exceptions.