Cube 77

219th Project Element from "0" to Infinity Story

Oxidized iron, Created 2017, Size 77 x 77 x 77 cm


Original single - © Paolo Grassi

The Cube 77 made of iron art by conceptual and visual artist Paolo Grassi in 2014 has the characteristic of having on one side the numbers 5'436 and 5'437, on the other side 5'438, 5'439 and 5440 and so on increasing by one number on each side to arrive at the final number 5'450.


It is up to the purchaser of the art project with the numbers art From "0" to Infinity Story to decide later on how he/she prefers the stand position. The recommendation is on a pedestal or hanging on an edge with a 360° view.


The work has been the subject of exhibition art on several occasions.


Of this work was made a bronze art version in three different patinas, size 14x14x14 cm.